Requirements Open Spades?

My computer:

Processor: Intel(R) Atom™ 1.6 GHz
RAM: 2,00 GB
Windows 7 Professional 32 bits
Evaluation of the experience of windows: 3,2

Does work Openspades in that?

I dont know why, but I still see the same error as before.

"Fatal Error"

What operating system are you using? Are you compiling it yourself or using the pre-compiled version?

Windows 7 Professional

You might not have OpenGL graphics acceleration. Try turning on Software Acceleration (instead of OpenGL) in the options.

How do I do that?
I already searched many ways but I dont find

View the attachment.

Please note that your system (specifically, your processor) is below requirements.

Alternatively, copy these settings while keeping the OpenGL renderer (I'm not sure if the processor you're using has acceleration)
I would also like to see your graphics info (other attachment). Just copy it to your clipboard.

Oh, that I could do it easily…

The problem is that this poster (fatal error), appears when I run OpenSpades, not when I join a server.

Those images that you send me, don't start for me, only appears poster.


Where did you download your copy of OpenSpades?

(deleted my last post)

I download 2 versions (011 and 012b)

12b: Releases · yvt/openspades · GitHub


Copy this config file (attached).
Since you're using Win7, go to C:\Users[[USERNAME]]\AppData\Roaming\OpenSpades\Resources OR C:\ProgramData\OpenSpades\Resources and paste it there.

It should look something like the attachment.

Also, while you're there, copy what's inside of SystemMessages.log (open it in notepad)

SPConfig.cfg (2.24 KB)

Thanks! now this work

Mind telling me what fps you get for OpenGL and Software acceleration? Just curious. You can check by going to Setup > Game Options > Show Statistics (on) and entering a game.

Also, I forgot to change r_vsync to 0. Vsync tends to cause lag. You can change this by going to Advanced > r_vsync (0) in the first menu that pops up before the game starts.

10-20 fps :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that an improvement over the regular version?

Is the version 0.0.12b downloaded from this site: Releases · yvt/openspades · GitHub

Also my PC is bad (see the features mentioned at the beginning)

lol stupid question

@Flerriko: my PC is +/- like yours, and even though I have tried Openspades with that software acceleration bullshit, the little fanciness it had, at the cost of performance, was in no way worth having over the voxlap AoS.

I’m sure you will understand that on your own though.

PS: Even though I can’t play openspades, I support the idea of continuing openspades’ development and throwing away old version.

It depends. If your graphics card is faster than your processor, OpenSpades is better.

My current PC:
AMD A6-3600 w/ GTX 950

60+ fps on high settings with OpenSpades @ 1600x900 vs ~15 on voxlap with the same resolution.