Requesting the removal of the Zombies server

The humans have a SUPER unfair advantages:

  1. They normally have way more players than zombies because no one wants to be a zombie because zombies suck.
  2. They can shoot you.
  3. It takes 4 spade hits to kill a human, by that time you are dead. I once snuck up on a blue, I hit him once with a spade. He turns around and kills me. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?
  4. Squads. Zombies are constantly being spawn camped
  5. Zombies can’t build. WHAT THE HECK? I THOUGHT AOS WAS ABOUT BUILDING! You can’t defend your spawn by building a wall
  6. The zombies are slow, they are just as fast as humans. In other words, not fast enough.
  7. The zombies have barely any HP, it takes about 5 SMG hits to kill a zombie. And 4 spade hits to kill a human -_-
  8. The whole system is messed up, zombies should be erased from the AoS memory. It was a terrible mistake.

I rage quitted after about 1 minute of gameplay.

The only advantage zombies have, is a tiny bit of extra HP and super jump. And super jump doesn’t even help that much.

EDIT: And remove water damage from zombies, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HUMANS CAMP IN WATER? Oh gosh the whole server is just messed up.

Last time I was on the server as a zombie I could build by holding down right click.

Well that’s one thing taken off a list of many.

It’s completely unfair for zombies. It doesn’t hold up to the standards I have come to expect from aloha, the only thing I get from playing on it is rage.

  1. The server should not be removed because of your rage.
  2. If you feel it could be better (not removed), give suggestions.
  3. Most of the aloha servers are being experimented with and updated to improve your gaming experience.
  4. If you don’t enjoy the game mode don’t play it.

and, have a nice day! :slight_smile:

  1. It’s not just me.
  2. It is fundamentally broken at this point. I don’t feel like giving a list of improvements as it would take a while to write.
  3. This is a failed experiment.
  4. I don’t.

I don’t really see the point of complaining about a server if you don’t play on it anymore and you don’t want to give suggestions on how to improve it.

I’m pretty sure this issue was brought up before but zombies were never faster than humans in the movies or anywhere else. :smiley: I think there should be a lower percentage of humans like infiltration and more zombies.

I suggest that zombies get kill bonus’s like how the humans get kill bonus’s.
Humans can create (or could create) buildings from a building menu,each building costed a different amount of lives in order to buy it.
I suggest Zombies have a destroy menu in which the can create different sized holes and tunnels that cost a higher about of kills for the amount of blocks being removed. I know nothing about coding for AoS but this is something that sounds possible.

Okay, maybe the zombies server isn’t a lost cause. But it is badly broken at its current stage and needs to be fixed.

At the bare minimum, make it so that the zombies greatly outnumber the humans.

Couple of things that can make things more interesting:

  1. Humans get more water damage. Zombies get NO water damage. Everyone suffers some boundary damage, so neither group tries to circle to A1 or something.
  2. Zombie:Human ratio should be somewhere around 1.5.
  3. Zombies that capture the intel and gain human powers should be able to use the guns as normal. As in, no damage debuff.
  4. Zombies should recover HP over time, or get some sort of heal-each-other ability like humans do.

This way, zombies won’t be forced to be ninjas.

Tyler’s right dude. You may not play it, and a lot of people may rage about it… But people ARE STILL PLAYING IT.

Henceforth, it’s successful, just not popular. These are great suggestions that could eventually lead to it being very popular; but the server being there isn’t hurting anyone or taking away from anything else, some people love playing it, and there’s no point in complaining about something you don’t play in the first place.

The server get full often because there are usually way to many humans so the zombies rage,it has to be a slow and steady increase for both teams to become full.

Yeah, sure. It may not be executed properly and the advantages may be in humans favor, but moreover it is Izzy’s choice whether it stays or leaves.

a lot of people love the zombies server, it’s an interesting change from the norm. i don’t see how removing it is a solution. i still think zombies are overpowered… whenever i play as zombie i usually get 5+ kill streaks per life, but when i play as human i get owned. maybe i just suck but i disagree that humans are overpowered. i do seem to be the minority with this opinion though, so maybe increasing the zombie health would help to balance things out?

Hmm…actually, izzy’s post reminds me of something.

Zombie power increases with more zombies. Well, that’s apparently obvious, but I’m saying that low zombies vs low humans gives humans advantage. High zombies vs high humans gives zombies advantage.

Perhaps we can figure out some sort of dynamic system that sets a different teambalance ratio depending on how many players are on the server…

What is the formula for how strong the zombies get?
It would help in the process for thinking of something new, instead of just having a couple individuals decide.
I’d like to help with the formula.

i have to agree with izzy here. i personally think the zombies are still too overpowered and humans easily get killed by zombies all the time. imo following Reki’s suggestions would just make the zombies even more overpowered but based on the community’s suggestions i think it would help.

I hope you people understand that this is a zombie server, not a ninja server;
Right now, zombies are the ones who need to hide and run away from blues, and that doesn’t make much sense for this game mode, blues should be the ones who need teamplay and skill to be able to kill zombies, blues can get up to 10 kdr without even trying too hard… 200-300 kdr if camping in the water. Sometimes when I play with human, and I see a zombie coming at me, I crouch, and spray him to death with smg, really, I crouch… If the game mode was alil bit more balanced you’d have to atleast run and shoot to avoid getting spaded.
My suggestions are: give 800-900 hp to zombies, make water damage extremely high or enable it only for humans, 1 hit kill with spade, and a darker team color for greens to help them camuflage; maybe a brighter color for blues too.

it’s just extra health, they had 650 but it has just been increased to 1000. it doesn’t have to stay there though…

as just mentioned, health has been increased. water damage has also been increased quite a bit. zombies are darker now too. i’m not sure about 1 hit kills for zombies… it’s already only 2 hits, so 1 hit seems really overpowered to me. opinions?