Requesting Stats

If it isn’t too much trouble, I would like to see the stats about how many votekicks were made, and how many of them succeeded in kicking the respective player out.
Also, sorry if you get too much of this, but I think it would be great if the number of people required to vote yes was reduced.

Thanks a lot,
- 3lb01k

Both of these ideas I agree with 100%, but it would be really hard to store data for someone, as they could easily change names or IPs and it would list that they’ve never been votekicked before. The only way I could see this being fixed is if EVERYONE had to do /login, which although I wouldn’t have a problem with I’m sure many other people would, especially the nubs we all love to troll with.

Errr, I think I didn’t explain what I meant well.
My point was that it is nearly impossible to get enough votes in game to kick a disruptive player out.
A good fix for that problem would be to reduce the number of votes required.

Also, just because I’m curious, I would like to see stats regarding that.

I made this suggestion a long time ago, even stating how you could have the link be posted in game telling you to go to the website and make an account there and forcing you in spectator mode until you logged in. This way it would take a little more than just changing your IP to rejoin the game. It was shot down though. :confused:

Part of the problem I see is that most players can’t tell the difference between pro players and hackers. They see 5 or more consecutive headshots and immediately think: “hacks!.” Having a lower threshold for vks could result in legit pro players being banned. (for 30 mins. but still annoying enough).

Yes true, but the thing is when you vote kick nobody votes. If only you could join multiple times and /y. /n should be real, Danke step on the codin!

I want /n to be an option. :stuck_out_tongue:

IIRC, that is a script related problem. The script doesn’t adjust to the amount of players currently on the server, instead, it always places a fixed number of votes need to votekick a player.

There is a much, MUCH better votekick script that doesn’t have that problem (AFAIK) that Aloha for some reason doesn’t use.

Votekicks require a specific percentage of total players to pass, not a specific number. our votekick threshold is already low enough that we have people come into #aloha asking to be unbanned somewhat frequently.

Yet, at the same time, high enough that most votekicks don’t pass :stuck_out_tongue: