Request to add map to rotation.

Can my map “Casino Arena” be added onto the last team standing map rotation? If not, thanks anyway.


Credits to [TSB]Eddie,[LDR]Steve,Heracles4,[MoJo]BuketheaD, and the rest of the [TSB] clan.




This map is really cool. I know because I helped make it I’m definately for it. :slight_smile:

Forgot to add screens, Can’t download something without knowing what it is right? here:


that looks fun, i’ll try to get it added to the rotation later tonight if the play test goes well

It’s a good map. They made it on my server… The problem with it on my server was that we didn’t set up spawn points. Buket set up the spawn points and used voxel editor to clean it up for Arena, but forgot to give us the text file lol; so I couldn’t set up arena xD
My server’s been down for like a week now though due to relatives coming over; we didn’t want the constant humming of the server box to disturb their sleeping; the thing is pretty loud.

actually i wrote and sent the .txt file and the .vxl to stark and eddie they have to be put in the pyspades map folder together for it to work… i didnt send the file that is needed but here it is if you dont have it. this goes in the pyspades scripts folder Also you need add ‘arena’ in the config file where the scripts are listed.

I never got the .txt file, actually. That time you sent me, only the vxl showed up :stuck_out_tongue:

^ Pretty much what I was going to say, only in third person and referring to Stark/Eddie.

I also have the file already lol.
I didn’t have the text file, I guess I could have set it up myself… But I just never really had much time and I didn’t know too much about grabbing coords; I believe you only need to do a /where or something like that, but thank you anyway ^^

it has been added to the rotation

first play test was fun, lots of action… good job