REQUEST - Squad creations avaible for Infiltrator mode servers

Title says it all: I would like to know if it was possible to add squad creation in infiltration mode servers of Ace of Spades as it would own.Thanks for listening to me.
On a second request id like to have an official teamspeak/ventrilo server so we can actually coordinate better and gameplay would be alot funnier.thanks! Bye!

I think this would be a bad idea. The spawning ability for blue with more than twice the green players would be too much. I don’t ever see the green team winning and think this would make it virtually impossible for green to hold on.


Squads in infiltration?

Here’s what it’s going to look like. One green guy stands under the intel and acts as the spawnpoint while people continually abuse him to rape the intel.

Yup, thats exactly how it would be. Even on CTF, it would work kinda like that. I would enjoy it on TDM or Babel though,


I kid,

Right back at ya.