Request NameBan

I understand silly and sometimes vulgar names are funsies but there is this kid who has been playing the last few days on Tower of Babel named ChildPorno and call me plain no fun if you want but I think that’s crossing the line of good humor.

I’m sure you guys have player/IP logs so seems like a good candidate for a lengthy ban.

I don’t think he’s been on when an admin was on unfortunately. I’ve seen GreaseMonkey on/off there sometimes though. So, proof? Well, if your logs contain player names then there ya go. He’s playing right now on Babel too.

Thanks Paravox,i will keep a eye out for him

A poor name gets a kick at most.
I think if we told him that such a name isn’t tolerated he would change it (and believe me, it’s not tolerated).

If and only if he fails to change the username, further actions will be taken.
There’s no need to pull a banhammer over something so trivial.

Well however you guys deal with it. It just seems in extremely poor taste.

Kicking over names is trivial period.

Once we kick for one name, at which point would we draw the line? Vulgarity is the internet, and vice-versa.

However, I think it’s safe to say that name should be a kick-on-site type thing; especially since child porn is a large topic in debate through American politics.
(SOPA, ACTA, ect, are all bills written which use it as a disguise to mask their evilness)

So once again, this guy named “Childporno” was playing on Tower of Babel, Aloha again and another user started a votekick against him and he was about to be votekicked when a user named “L I C K_ears” who apparently is trusted or has mod powers cancelled the vote, at least he said he did. When the player who started the votekick asked why, he said, “Because I can.” and then when the player quipped “So you like child porn then?”, l i c k_ears replied, “Love it.”

So yeah…that was weird.

Cmon guys. Don’t mod people like this.

And if you see a mod abusing, take a screen capture and post it. Fraps is worth the 20 dollars or so to be able to seamlessly record everything.

childporno got a permaban so i hear.

In retrospect, I think a kick or tempban until he changes his name unless he refuses to change it would be fine.

I don’t mind people with idiotic or vulgar names but no to the racist crap and especially no to this.

I’m now more concerned about this abusive admin than this person with a vulgar name.
Care to elaborate on him?

That’s pretty much it. I’m not sure if the guy was an admin or not. I’m not 100% sure on who can/can’t cancel votekicks. I just know he did.

If he’s banned on aloha alone he won’t appear on that site.

I’ve seen countless of random moderators in Aloha who Ive never heard of them and I recall one muting someone for not speaking English whose name I shall not mention.

Many admins use aliases in game, so that could explain it. Muting for not speaking English is a bad case though.

Well, this one wasn’t using an alias because there on the admin list.

well, i am the one who banned child porno and as far as the LICK ears fellow, he was in there when i permanbanned child porno and he did cancel a votekick. Until the servers restart anyone can cancel anyone elses votekicks and thats how he did it. Drebbel is right, a permaban, bans someone from ALoha a global ban, bans them from all servers. Other server providers run their servers differently than Aloha and their tolerances are of their own accord. We do not and should not make decisions for other providers in certain situations and a global is a last resort option. Once this child porno comes forward and changes his name the ban shall be lifted. Until that time, the ban will stay in effect. As far as your info AEM, i am pretty confident i know who you are talking about but you should tell one of the admins your concerns so the issue may be dealt with.

Could you pm me if you do? Because this was back in February.

On Hallway there was also a guy with a disgusting name. His name was Gonnhorea (I think thats how you spell it). I don’t know how bad that name is but i just wanted to let you guys know.

this is true. there was a bug in pyspades that allowed anyone to cancel any votekick. it has since been fixed and will be applied to our servers as they restart.

please mention names. that’s how we’ll get rid of abusive admins.

I actually knew it was some glitch. I pm’ed the name, but I don’t want to call him an abusive admin, more just an abusive action.