[REQ] Base Wars/Build and Shoot - Concept : Build Time to War Time

Was wondering if anyone at Aloha.pk could create a gamemode that I think will be very successful considering it displays a fine line between building and having a large base war within the communities built structures.

Base Wars/Build and Shoot - Concept
10 minutes of preparation/build time.
20 minutes of war/battle time.
RESET map.

The point of this gamemode is allowing players to build their own base in a certain amount of time. Players can build tall structures, buildings, bunkers, huts, houses, castles and a myriad of structures depending on their creativity.

After the preparation time has elapsed there is an on-going war for 20 minutes alllowing each team to utilize their built structures. Structures itself cannot be destroyed by ANYONE. (could change to being destroyed by the maker/creators spade only) Meaning that the structures will stay as it is for 20 minutes.

This will bring out the true gameplay of build and shoot, allowing you to build without dying and then utilizing your built structure to its full potential.

The map will be mostly a flat rectangular island DIVDED evenly with a LARGE WALL that prevents players from killing/going to the other side until preparation time is over. that doesn’t allow you to dig below or maybe allow you to build 4 blocks down. Allowing for 3 blocks high tunnels allowing you to run below the ground. This also allows players to build 2 blocks high trenches in the ground for trench warfare.

Base War/Build and Shoot - Rules
You cannot destroy any block while war-time is in effect. You cannot destroy your teammates blocks during preparation time. You can only destroy your own blocks. (If that’s possible to program).

Anyone can destroy the maps stock (blocks already there) blocks.

What do you guys think of this gamemode? Just got into BuildAndShoot and I’m really liking this concept as it isn’t in the game and hosted by aloha.pk.

What do you guys think?

Added additional name “Build and Shoot” credits to Thelionmaster. - 1/30/2013
Added map dividing - 1/30/2013

I’d give it a shot.

I like this idea

And we could call it…Build and Shoot :wink: Yep, my brilliant mind ;D ;D

Anyone a good programmer?

I back this game mode.

Anyone who’s good at programming and motivated enough can make a game mode. In this case, Danko’s our main innovator at aloha.

Some other people have made interesting game modes, such as Dany0 and hompy.

How can I get in contact with him?

Hompy is a really good server script maker.

snickerlets call it “Humpy” instead :stuck_out_tongue:

snicker snicker

Need a scripter!

Learn python.

It isn’t that hard.

Learn C++. It is very hard.

If this mode is coming to aloha.pk, you should be given infinite blocks when building so you won’t have to suicide after placing 50. I think that this mode is a great idea with some more polishing


Sounds nice, but 20 minutes of indestructible blocks + no team blocks can be destroyed? Sounds like griefer city to me >.<

Speaking of hompy, he gave us the dangerous kitten: It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.