Report Glitchers/ Hackers/ Abusers and etc here!

Hi Guys!

IF you want the Aloha servers to have a better experience without the people who hack, abuse and etc please post below with the template below:

Name of convicter:
What they have done:
When it happened:

Copy the code below and reply to this thread with the information filled

[b]Name of convicter:[/b]
[b]What they have done:[/b]
[b]When it happened:[/b]

Don’t we already have this…

Umm for Ace of Spades yes.

I really don’t think many people use this Link, just saying

this made me lol a lil

This guy is a hacker “G4m3Rz0.exe” (he really is). He gets only headshots and see you trough the wall. :’(

1st:He doesn’t hack.
2nd.If he only gets headshot it DOESNT mean it’s aimbot.
3rd.I am not an admin but I checked him and he seems legit

What’s the point of this thread? We already have Abuse Reports as a reporting ground.

Pretty sure this was meant for Battlefield servers, since this is… you know, in the Battlefield subforum. :stuck_out_tongue:

we don’t have any Battlefield servers anymore, so locking this