Repetitive strain injury in AOS

Am I the only one with this issue?
I can’t explain it, but I don’t get this problem with other games or the zombies game mode (which I have been playing exclusively the last day or so). After about an hours play time yesterday I can no longer squeeze my fingers together or turn my wrist without shooting pains that go straight up my forearm. I’m assuming that the tendons which control the fingers are to blame, since they are situated within the forearm. I’ve had the problem previously when playing AOS, but never to the extent where I can no longer use my hands for most activities.

That sounds to me like you need a break from your pc for some time.

I get it as well, though not from playing AoS. I find regular breaks the best medicine (and prevention).

i’ve played piano for nearly 16 years and i’m a bit of an amateur guitarist so carpal tunnel and RSI has always been a real fear for me. i know that there are people who tell you to stretch out your fingers and stuff but i personally don’t find things like that to work. i personally know that things like cracking your knuckles and video games will make it worse. usually what i personally do is have a break every 1/2 hour or so and during that time i stay away from instruments and video games. in canada the weather’s been getting a lot better so i’ve been doing that a lot more. another thing you can do is try to minimize the tension in your hands when you’re playing games or instruments if you do that. in piano, all of the louds and soft are created through loose wrists and you always have to keep your hands loose so if you ever feel like you’re vigorously slamming buttons or anything take a bit of time to loosen up a bit.

I’m actually studying art so my wrist is important :3. I’ve found so far that I’m getting better just by resting. I think that it’s using the rifle in particular that causes the strain, because as I said I’ve never had the problem in the zombies game mode in which I only use SMG.

i guess it’s probably because you’re more focused on aiming up your shots and shooting directly for the head which is causing tension in your wrist. with the n00bgun you can basically shoot in the general location of the person you want and pinpoint accuracy isn’t as important.

I’ve actually encountered a similar problem lol. I also started having wrist pain after playing aos extensively. The pain started to negatively effect my tennis game, causing me to limit my aos time. Ironically the limitation on aos improved be grades haha

I’ve got this before. It was a combination of over-playing AoS and Minecraft, as well as sleeping on it awkwardly. If you were on the IRC, you would’ve seen me talk about it. =/

Yeah, it’s called carpal tunnel. Usually caused by extreme computer use, playing tennis, or the piano as Craft said. It’s not something you would like to live with starting young. The pain will kill you. You can get mousepads that have cushions on them for the wrists, which help and try to keep your wrist level and straight.

Here’s a little trick to lessen the strain on your wrist.
Lower you sense down to an equivalent to 200 dpi + 5 sens which is fairly low and use your arm and shoulder to aim instead of your hand itself.
It’s the proper form for when playing games on the computer and makes aiming a ton easier if you force yourself to get used to it.
(Same trick of using your arms and not you hands helps a lot with musical instruments too)

If I get it again I’ll try that. :wink:
Also, I play piano, and you’re meant to use JUST your fingers. Your arms and wrists help with dynamics and to let the music flow, but if you don’t have good hand posture you’ll never get past Level/Grade 3. :wink:

By the way I’m completely OK since yesterday. I think I’ll have to avoid playing tower of babel (boohoohoo) from now on

piano is mainly arm weight. it’s a common misconception that it’s just fingers. if you’re using just your fingers you’re doing the wrong technique. mostly for whatever you are doing you’re going to be using arm weight to create your dynamic contrasts. if you’re using just fingers in all your pieces you’re never getting the true beauty out of the pieces and everything just becomes completely precise and in time but has absolutely no expression. i see a lot of kids in higher levels who haven’t been taught this and are unable to produce things like good rubato or expression in pieces that need them like many romantic pieces and a lot of Chopin music. there are times which you use fingers such as real quick cadenza passages or 128th note runs or something like that but mainly it’s just wrist. if you’re going for just fingers, i can’t see you doing well past Level 5.


This stuff is getting real.

I’m going to back off a bit.

When MY fingers are hurting i play ace of spades with my feet, +of being a monkey…

I’ve been playing classical piano for 7 years, and I know about using arm weight to bring out the dynamics in the music. But, if you don’t have good hand posture and strong fingers, the music is going to be all mashed and disgusting. Your fingers won’t be able to get over one note to the other, causing an uneven beat and many fumbles. The first thing I was taught was to make sure I ALWAYS had a imaginative ‘bubble’ underneath my hand. My teacher also said that if I couldn’t get this technique right I wouldn’t be able to properly play piano!

Anyway, this is getting WAY too off-topic.