Repeatedly kicked while playing

I was playing Tower of Babel and was kicked every time I began destroying the blue team’s tower with my shotgun. I was kicked a total of three times. Is this admin abuse?

Can you give any details? ign if its different from your forum account name? was it a votekick? were you destroying the blue teams tower while you were green or blue? any other pertinent info you may have could be useful… timewise, for instance approx. ie such and such time and zone.?

My ign was Fun Fest. It wasn’t a votekick. It was shortly before I made this thread. After the second kick, I started recording. I uploaded it here:

ummm, this is getting tricky…

2012-05-28 19:24:50-0700 [-] RAPID HACK: deque([1338258260.1987741, 1338258260.1988089, 1338258261.231478, 1338258270.30058, 1338258275.665983, 1338258278.483727, 1338258278.4837601, 1338258281.680105, 1338258281.68014, 1338258290.7834361]) 2012-05-28 19:24:50-0700 [-] Hack attempt detected from Fun Fest: Rapid hack detected 2012-05-28 19:24:50-0700 [-] Fun Fest disconnected!

this generally means one of two possibilities. i’m hoping it’s just lag.

Yeah, that’s possible too

This is exacly what I thought when I saw the video yesterday…rapid hack detected
You said it yourself izzy (I think): hack detecting scripts are not to be trusted, and according to my experience, this one, can NOT be trusted, specially when the player in question is using a shotgun.
you see, this script calculates the ammount of blocks removed in a certain period of time, a very small period, and the shotgun has the ability to remove more than one block with just one shot (8 bullets?), so, the script “saw” him removing ?two blocks at the same time… that is enough to trigger it.
You can test it yourself, I have tested it and I got kicked, no lag (on Minit) and no hacks; you need, although, a certain distance away from those blocks to trigger due to the spread.

The script is just old. I believe in this player’s innocence.

Ok, thanks, it’s nice to know that it was due to a bad script and not admin abuse. Note that it only kicked me; I’m not banned. Also, in case it helps you fix the script, I was reloading the shotgun while firing it.

i have gone ahead and disabled this detection