Rename auto-trusted groups on website and Discord

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:spiral_notepad: Summary

Our website has a built-in auto trust system that grants additional privileges to users who participate on it. There are 5 groups that make up this system. The more a user participates, the sooner he will be automatically “promoted” to the next “level.” The name of each group level is currently set to Discourse defaults. I think we should get a bit more personal with it!

This would also be used as Discord roles as explained here:

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Default: New
Maybe change to: Deuce

Default: Basic
Maybe change to: Member

Default: Member
Maybe change to: Plus Member

Default: Regular
Maybe change to: Star Member

Default: Leader
Maybe change to: Power Member

Note: Current documentation is outdated on each of those trust_level group pages. Our requirements are more strict than what’s shown.

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I actually liked the old auto rank names(kamaaina etc), even though noone new understands them haha.

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What if we did:
<something else here?> :laughing:

^ I stole those builder roles from the build server role-structure haha. I think it ties in nicely with “Deuce”.

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interesting idea. what kind of damage could greffers do if they gamed the automation system, for example if they gained SuperDuperBuilder?