Remove /drop !

/drop is way too buggy, and it is not crucial for playing the game. Many matches are entirely ruined by it.
Just remove it!

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Define buggy and how matches are ruined. I have seen neither.

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Do you perhaps mean when the intel gets stuck on the edge of the babel platform? Because that isn’t caused by /drop, although we do need to fix it.

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Indeed that is the bug I had in mind. I was fairly sure it is caused by /drop? When I have seen intel remain close to cloud border due to killing, iirc it has remained pickable for the other team, while with /drop, it hasn’t? Certainly I have done no actual testing.

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I believe its caused when someone gets intel and goes to enemy side and gets killed and then the intel can’t be picked up for some reason.

Normally, when neither of the teams is currently holding the intel it’s “shadow” is not visible at A1. When someone picks up the intel, at first its “opposite” goes to A1 and after they get killed and thus drop it, it disappears from A1. Intel remains “pickable” to both teams.
With /drop it seems that whenever you use that command the “shadow” stays at A1 and intel cannot be picked up by the opposite team till some player from the team that used /drop picks it up again.

For example, a red player picks up the blue intel, red intel goes to A1, uses /drop and as a result the intel can only be picked up by red team again, since the red intel is “stuck” at A1, therefore inaccesible to blue team.

Similar thing might be taking place with the “forced” drop that happens when you stay with the intel beyond a certain part of the babel platform for some rigidly set time (although I’m not sure if that drop is still a thing). The other artificial drop would be the punishment from gods for holding the intel too long. I didn’t take time to observe these two events in-game.

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is this still a problem?

would you be able to take the time to confirm any of this? that would be a big help, thanks

this is because of the intel edge bug we had back then. we found out with ff that /drop was one of the key problems there. not sure if still the case

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As far as I know these things didn’t cause similar issues.