Releasing a couple new babel maps plus an update

I’m officially releasing 2 new maps. I started them as sort of a new concept test and you may have already played a version of them while I was on babel. I haven’t added either to the rotation list yet, but if they’re wanted (or at least not unwanted) I’ll add them soon.

So here they are:

Apostrophe (formerly known as tradeoff, but I could never remember the name and this is more fitting with Ellipsis)

Everyone seems to either love or hate this map. Also, hard to see, but I’ve added a door on the top floor (not roof) where the tent now resides so as to have access to a spike.

A Bridge Too Far (pictured with the heavens because it looked kinda empty without it)

I’ve modified the columns to be 2 thick ones, of which the further is much farther from the heavens than the old columns. Games still go fast and intense!

Also I’ve updated Ellipsis (v1.4). Since green team is gone I’m finally free to use green terrain again so team chat is readable. This update is live on the servers.

Any comments, complaints, suggestions, feel free to post below!

Not a big fan of Apostrophe, but i like A Bridge Too Far.

They’re good maps. Thanks ei8htx.

ellipsis pRO ‘-’

Apostraphe looks interesting and probably plays a wee different than your average map.
A Bridge Too Far seems like it’ll do pretty well, I just hope the river doesn’t become a no-mans land. If so maybe add river boats, rocks, small land masses, etc.
and Ellipsis is definitely one of the favorited maps among the community and myself, although I liked the purple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apostrophe was pretty intense to play yesterday :smiley:
A Bridge Too Far was also nice to play on. I’m really looking forward to griefing or digging up the enemies pillars on this map :stuck_out_tongue:
I like the new ellipsis colour scheme more than the red/blue one, although my favourite still remains the green/yellowish terrain

i haven’t had a chance to really play Apostrophe or A Bridge Too Far yet. both are intriguing design twists but i’m concerned that they would play more like Push than Babel because they focus on horizontal rather than vertical building. to those of you who have played either map and both game modes, would you say my presumption is true and if so is horizontal building OK for Babel?

let’s make sure we do enough testing before adding them to the rotation to ensure we have a large sampling of opinions…

Played a couple of the new maps and it is nice to see some change. Thanks.

Similar to Push? Yes, but not in every aspect. Horizontal building adds variety to babel, sometimes a fresh, quick map is necessary.
plus, Push is dead :((( , A Bridge Too Far is the closest we can get. I haven’t played Push in months, is always empty. I wouldn’t mind seeing more maps like A Bridge Too Far. I miss Push!