Registering to be Moderator.

Hi,I am just here to register for Moderator.Sorry,Danke I was just not on my mood so i said bad words in ace of spades.I am here to be a moderator,please review my post immediately.

Don’t worry Satou-Kun is my best friend,you can trust on me.Cross my heart and hope to die.

This is the following job i will do:

*1.Ban Griefers.
*2.Respect other players.
*3.Give rights to players.

This is my oath(i made for 24 hours).

"I swear i will not break the law of moderators and give respect to other moderators and players.I promise to ban griefers that is destroying the plays of other players.I promise to be a great and responsible moderator.


ING:[EF]Rikou Nura
Clan:Elite Fighters :slight_smile:

There is a proper plaec to put this.

Satou-kun told me he doesnt like you, shut yo face fool.

im pretty sure he doesnt like you either


doesnt matter if he does or not, i dont go bragging about it.


Photocreds: Yokai

Nice Job Reki!! You got him good.

Gentlemen,this is not the place to put your crappy words here! go to a boxing ring and fight there!!!

So why did you use caps lock under the topic of anus, Dark???

… I take it you haven’t been around here to long.

True that.

that is right