[READ THIS FIRST]: how/when to report

Have you witnessed abuse ingame? Here’s the place to report it.

What do we consider abuse?

  • Cheating
    Aimbot, wallhack, glitching, speedhack etc
  • Unfair play
    Griefing, repeated teamkilling, votekick abuse, etc.

Misuse of trust
Admin abuse of commands, abuse of trusted status, etc

How to report someone?

  • Open a new topic
  • Write the name(s) of the concerned player as subject
  • Explain in as much detail as possible the situation
  • This includes: server and date/time
  • Back it up with as much info as you can: screenshots, videos, accuracy/ratio/griefcheck etc
  • Do not make use of hacks of any kind to illustrate your point.
    We appreciate the fact you want to help, but all hacks are not tolerated. This includes the use of topovl.
    If a hack was used in the report, we can and will use it as evidence to ban you as well.

After posting in this thread, be patient. Don’t expect that the situation is taken care of immediately. If the matter is really urgent the best way to report someone is via Discord.

If the situation asks for a delicate approach (nonpublic) contact one of the Global Sysadmins (See stafflist).