Read Do not use TOPOvl

This comes fresh and hot off the irc, If your not an admin on ALOha who was given topoovl or an admin on another server that was given permission to use topovl don’t use it the esp thats built into it can and will be used against you.

fuck esp

Aka don’t use topo ovl unless you recived it from him or have the permission

Mind explaining?

Our original plan was to not let anyone outside of staff have it, but it was leaked.
Speaking only for myself, I won’t ban you for using (that is to say, not abusing) it.
That being said, if you want to use it, the safest course is to ask permission.

PUBovl is now available to use.

Use only this tool, we’ll know the difference.

what does it offer?

If you feel so inclined, you may use it to first person spectate other players. You go into spectator mode and then use the arrow keys to select different players. Select yourself to free roam. Use z,x,c to enable options: show names, show esp, show right click zoom, respectively.

i used topovl when i was a sw admin and it looks just like that?

It looks very much the same, but there are some differences to prevent abuse. You must go into spectator mode. We will know the difference between topovl and pubovl.

ok so that’s the difference, I really find that usefull for you guys, playing and come across a guy, wow that would be nice for catching, plus the analyse to watch for non stop headshots