Random DCs

I keep getting disconnected from the server at a ping of 90ish.


Just the game. Izzy tells me she fixed it.

+addon: Though it only seemed to happen when I was logged in with trusted password. I’ll tast again after school

Ok then.

What…izzy is a girl?

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I don’t know a lot of male Izzy’s

No, izzy is a guy. I’ve actually never seen a girl izzy. All the izzys at my school are guys.

I thought so.

I thought izzy was a guy. But the post by pokefan made me think over. I always thought izzy was a guy.

Izzy = male.

Anyway, if the problem happens again, go to BR. He’s a handy dandy nifty thrifty tech guy. True story.


Implying that’s even a high ping

Wow. I never even know it was possible to have that high of a ping.

Wow. Speaking of which, what is that version that he is playing that has the chatbox and map with the grid?



I know threads a little old but on the original subject, in case anyone else has random repeated disconnects even when their internet appears fine>

I usually have a 60-90ms ping when playing, so its not like I often have connection issues.
Not to long ago I had a day where I kept getting disconnected every 10 minuets or so and after an hour or so diagnosed it as interference in the cable lines in my area.
Since I have a cable modem for my internet, I noticed that at the same time I got a server disconnect, the picture on digital cable tv would glitch for like a 1/4 of a second. So even though my internet was still connected and working, apparently this small interference was enough to interrupt my connection to the AOS server repeatedly.

Thanks :smiley:

Izzy is a guy
I’ve spoken with him on the mumble channel
Unless “she” has a really deep voice