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Instead of a build server, for a while as an event, how about we host a r/place -esque server, where within a limited time frame, people can create their pixel artwork!

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After seeing art being made on top of hallway servers, I thought a map where all blocks except for the top-most layer are filled with blocks that aren’t breakable by the players. Maybe a script is needed if you wanted to impose the same restriction on placing pixels just like in r/place. It seems like a fun concept that could be tested out.

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would be interesting on a rolling monthly basis

“Art of July”
“Art of August”

and end of month screen shot and map save uploaded to the server’s topic in https://aloha.pk/c/our-servers


Launch 2 r/place servers, one for daily basis pixelart building, second for monthly pixelart buildings.
The second one will have the only middle sectors active to build during the event, the corners will be free for everyone.
The first server is just free for everyone to use!

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