Questions regarding admins

Hiya lot of you might not recognize me (then again some of you might from the game and hey, that’s cool) I’m Bglizard back in 2010~ I use to play AoS a TON on various servers eventually I moved on and forgot about the game completely fast forward 6 years later here I am back.

Anyway I’ve been playing a LOT the last month or so usually during when the game falls to the night hours (aka 11 PM my time to 3 AM my time, incase your curious this post is at 1 AM my time) and the reoccurring problem I seem to be having is griefers. I have tried votekicking but if any of you have ever tried to vote kick someone even during prime hours, trying to votekick someone off the server is probably something I’ve only ever successfully seen once every blue moon. So the next step is the /admin in which I’ll usually tell the admin “___ player is griefing by throwing grenades/digging up blocks” and I think out of the dozens of times I’ve tried using it I’ve only had 1 successful use of it which actually made something happen. Every other time I’ve tried it’s usually pointless

So the next step is to go to the IRC and at this time of night IRC is pretty much dead so I suppose I COULD go write up a report for a player on the forums, but I honestly get and see griefers so many times a night that I’m fairly certain that I’d have to make at least 5 threads in a single night at minimum. Trying to play this game while someone is griefing you is extremely frustrated and I have watched it kill servers, and during the night hours when a server dies at 2 AM it doesn’t come back alive till hours later.

So now that I’ve gotten the backstory or in some cases tl;dr part done my question is, what does it take to become an admin? I’m an experienced community leader I use to co own a Gmod server with a friend, I currently run a 500 person guild in guild wars 2, and I’ve been an admin for various other games and servers (that aren’t AoS) in the past. I have a completely squeaky clean steam record and have never been banned from a server before.

I love AoS and I hate having to see it get so frustrating during the night hours when all the admins go to bed and there’s no one around to contain all the trolls. I’d like to if possible make the game I love more enjoyable for all rather than having to spend nights battling against griefers.

First of all, you have to successfully apply for Trusted status.

Pleasantly hang out with the community often through the forums, IRC, and the Discord Server. (Invite Link: Discord)
It may seem a lot of work to report several griefers in one night (I know how it feels, if you ask me,) but trust me, it’s worth it.
EDIT: To greatly increase your chance of becoming a trusted player (and to be a Server Guard,) report hackers as it greatly helps admins and the rest of the community. (

Thanks for the link! I’ll download PUBovl now.

Avoid swearing and racial slurs while playing as well. I screwed myself out of guard by being a kid. Now days I just don’t care lol. If you’re serious about it don’t make my mistakes.

You also must realize that there are people in lots of timezones who are staff. Read the staff list, maybe ask around on the IRC, find out who is active when your time.