Question about Admin Application

I know that admin applications are really slow, but what I came across stunned me. Me, Reki, and Jyromefedx registered on the same day, March 18, 2012. I submitted my admin application that same day and here as of April 30, 2012 (which is my birthday) Reki and Jyromefedx have been and admin for quite a while now. So what’s wrong with this picture. Did I answer something wrong in the app or am I not nice?

Hopefully one day I will be an admin,but I am not one right now.

But your app still got accepted, your just not a full on admin. I didn’t even get a response.

It could have gotten lost.

Lol, no izzy gave me pm thanking me for applying.

Who? Me, you, or Jyromefedx. BTW good game at arena. ;D

Why not both of us?

Because I’m not an admin or moderator.

Hold the phone, a virus became a guard and she applied three weeks after I applied. And now she is being blamed for abuse and I didn’t even get a reply when I clearly have shown respect in front of multiple admins (Froelich131, hercales4, PXYC, Reki). I see a fault in admin application and I have seen multiple complaints from a virus.

Thank you for your support.

AEM other admins haven’t had much to say about you until recently. posts like this don’t exactly help you, but you are still on the radar if that makes you feel any better.

This helped me a lot because now I know why my app is taking forever. It’s because none of the admins have not seen me play aos or see how I behave. This is because my computer was corrupt and not fixed until recently. I just felt like I have been denied.

now you seem desperate :\

I’m not attempting to be desperate, I just feel like I did something wrong because everyone got a reply. It makes me feel more that other people have something more than me and that’s why I haven’t got a response while everyone after me has gotten accepted. If my application is faulty, then I would
Like to know what qualities I lack do that I may improve myself next time I reapply.

Speaking for myself, I don’t know you well enough and haven’t seen you ingame so I can’t/won’t give an opinion. Imagine more admins thinking like this and you can imagine it taking a while.

Just be a little patient and you’ll hear once there’s something to say.

I know that, and the reason you haven’t seen me ingame is because my computer got corrupt and it took more than two weeks to fix, which is still being fixed. I undstand that you can’t give your opinion. Let’s close this topic even though I started because it started a disaster and it wasn’t my intent. I’m sorry to everyone.

Hopefully I too will be accepted into the league of admins.

It’s not exactly a smart thing to go around publicizing the fact you are applying for admin.

Why is the The Secret Society of No Admin For Aloha going to go after him?

Obviously. C’mon man, get with the show.