Quality mods

Hey guys, I want some quality ace of spades mods.

I have already used all of Simox’s. I have already used cobalts. So what else?


watch some of my videos for the shotty and smg, and smg scope.

I never use scopes, ENARI MASTER SCOPE!

Made my own TDP4 pack ^_^. I think I am obsessed with that game.

lets see the Enari?

http://aos.minit.nu/mods/Enaris%20sight/ :slight_smile:

I meant the download link

That is the download lick ???

lol, u said lick,

not for me it wasn’t maybe im just stupid…

Fail on the spelling.

Just right click the scope and click “Save image as”.

Then save it your .png folder.

Yah, Shoulda replied that I figured it out yesterday,
Thanks, it works great.

Anychance it is possible to have it as your Target.Png?

I’m broken between both Enari’s sight and the 2 pixel sight featured on Minit NU’s mods. If you ask me, Enari’s sight seems a bit more accurate for crouchspamming, but I was getting a ton of jumpshots last night with the 2 pixel sight… Now to determine which one is the true master sight.

Enari’s. Use it nao.

Default is actually really good IMO. My hand kinda overcompensates for recoil by immediately jerking down after shooting, so the “gun is in the way” isn’t really bothersome. Given that the rifle isn’t pinpoint accurate as of 0.75 anyways, I don’t see how 1-2 pixel scopes actually help with anything.

I’ve actually tried the two pixel scopes and it’s very difficult to aim, so I agree with Reki. I don’t know how Mikuli uses it. But I’m currently experimenting with adding a cross hair to the two pixel scope.

I personally like Enari’s scope.

Why? Because it’s pretty accurate. Even with the spread. And it has crosshairs for easy location of the dot in the middle.

If anything, I’ve made my own customized scope based on the Dragunov rifle, with appropriate left/right markings to compensate for lags of 100, 300, and 500 ping (experimental).

Thats pretty boss.

Except it turns out, fancy scopes are not my thing. Default everything works best.