So where is pyspades and all the custom scripts being maintained these days?

I wanted to try my hand at writing some scripts, but it looks like mat^2 shut down the old site a while ago.

PySnip is currently the version being used.


Where’s the latest babel script and others?

I could only find an old version on a copy of the old code base on google.


That’s the old copy. It isn’t where new scripts are being developed.

If you download PySnip, they have a scripts folder with Babel in it. The PySnip page is here. If you want a lot of classic maps, download the Original PySpades map pack on the same page.

I downloaded it, but I don’t see babel in the scripts folder. It’s not listed under scripts in the code repository either. Just the original, generic ones are in there.

You can look on the old forums and you can look at the new forums for scripts and stuff.