Push, blockpower, tennis, and faceoff, oh my!

over the past couple of weeks we’ve put up a few more Ace of Spades Classic servers:

  • aloha.pk push @ aos://1379434439:49887
  • aloha.pk blockpower @ aos://1379434439:48887
  • aloha.pk tennis @ aos://1379434439:51887
  • aloha.pk tdm 24/7 faceoff @ aos://1379434439:50887

push is a newish game mode by danhezee that’s all about building bridges over deadly water to the objective while attacking the enemy and defending your team from incoming enemy fire. a simple and fun concept. if you tried this game mode in the past and had a bad run-in with griefers, be sure to give it another try because Danke and i recently added some anti grief measures. here’s an introduction to push by CraftDinur:

blockpower is an experiment-gone-right by Danke. it’s a hybrid of CTF and RPG elements; capture the intel to boost your powers! very addicting. ;D currently there are 16 different powers:

[ol]- Armor: You take less damage from body shots

  • Blocksplosion: Your blocks are explosive
  • Regeneration: You heal hit points per second
  • Acid: Your bullets eat away at blocks
  • Clusterbombs: Your grenades pack an extra punch
  • Teleportation: Warp around the map
  • Disarm: Disarm your target
  • Misery: Your bullets do damage based on the amount of health you lost
  • Helmet: You can survive headshots without damage
  • Bombsquad: You take less damage from grenades
  • Feign Death: Hold Sprint and stand still to fake your death
  • Overgrowth: Break a block to start a block growing chain reaction
  • Griefshot: Hold crouch to charge a griefing bullet
  • Divination: Your blocks can feel the nearest enemy
  • Distraction: Hold crouch to charge a distraction bullet
  • Transmute: Break blocks to get ammo[/ol]

choose the power you want to level up by selecting a block color from the 1st and 4th columns of the palette:

keep in mind blockpower is a WORK IN PROGRESS! Danke is still making changes so anything and everything i just said may be outdated.

tennis is a little map/mode i threw together that forces fast-paced gameplay in a small area with grenades and shotguns only. it’s based on the map he_tennis from Counter-Strike. currently there’s only one map in the rotation but Danke made another map with a slightly different gameplay style (also fast-paced) that allows only 1 life per round. either both maps will be included in the rotation or one will replace the other. time will tell.

faceoff is a concept map i released in June 2011 that was popular in the earlier Ace of Spades days. teams spawn on raised platforms that are separated by a gap too big to jump across but small enough to see the other side. thanks to Zeke for suggesting its comeback. it’s currently running team deathmatch with water damage and a 40 hour time limit.

these servers and all of our servers can always be found on the front page of aloha.pk and at BuildAndShoot.com.




Ultra cool the gamesmodes ;D

Push and faceoff are great ideas and it is fun to play it. I think tennis is a nice idea, but i cant imagine how to play it. I cant say sth about blockpower, because I dont like those gamemodes with powers (you lose the overview about your powers vey fast). But really nice gamemodes at all, good job.

Woo hoo!
This was finally implemented, and without normandie :smiley:
Things are looking up! (or in the case of a clumsy push-er, looking down)

I want to play TOW but nobody is ever on :frowning:

Tennis seems awesome :slight_smile: The only thing about it is nobody is on it.

I only played on these servers with more than 3 people only once :frowning: