PUBovl: What and how to use it

I’ve decided to make a new thread about PUBovl for other players because the old one’s download links are broken. (PUBOVL what is it and how to use it - Ace of Spades - community)

What is PUBovl?

Pubovl is a tool designed to spectate one’s POV (Point of view) in order to know if someone uses hacks or not and could be only used as a spectator. Its has very useful features to know when one has no recoil, aims, can see other players, and when someone headsnaps (aimbot). Normal spectating would be hard to determine if someone cheats because you won’t be able to observe where they aim, how much recoil they have and many other more without this special tool. It has ESP it would be easier to know if someone can see other players too, when they look at the boxes or know where they are. If you want to report cheaters, kindly use Pubovl and record what you see, so admins may be able to determine if one hacks.

I made a video on how to download and use Pubovl.

Download links:
Pubovl.dll : Dropbox - pubovl.dll - Simplify your life
HInjector : Dropbox - hInjector.exe - Simplify your life
Also make sure you have c++ package installed:
X: To turn on/off ESP.
Z: To show names of the players when ESP is on.
C: To show whether one aims or not.
Arrow keys: To switch player that will be spectated.

When recording someone with Pubovl, don’t forget do /an, /accuracy, /ratio, and do /ping quite often. After recording, kindly upload and report them here by making a new thread:
If you don’t have a recording tool, download Bandicam ( It is very easy to use.

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Helpful description… definitely better than ‘it does the same what topovl does’
Also… it includes ESP… so people will want to download this (to try out the situation of how the hacker sees the battlefield) lol

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