Public MC Server - Online or Offline?

Scipio and I have been discussing whether we should keep the server online or offline. There are pros and cons to each option.


  • Anyone can join, even if they don’t have a Minecraft account


  • People can easily ban evade by making new accounts
  • People can make multiple accounts and abuse certain things
  • It’s extra work for admins and players that actually own copies of Minecraft
  • People have to do /login every time they get ingame
  • People can join under a new name and grief


  • More secure
  • If someone griefs, they can’t come back
  • Less work for both players and admins, no need for /login and extra passwords
  • Banning is a one time thing and a banned player can’t rejoin without buying another Minecraft account


  • People who haven’t purchased Minecraft can’t play

Also Ferrari did make a good point
Online defeats the purpose of a server for all the community
Also anything to do with griefing is already invalid because it’s a pvp almost anything goes and there is a 2nd option for offline mode
What happens is that on the private server you have to post your ign in a thread requesting access. An admin then comes around and manually adds you with a random password that it pmed to you. When you login you can either keep it or change the password. Keep in mind it can take a day or two to get it processed by hand but it is a better alternative in which hackers can’t instantly evade

offline whitelist (I think that’s what you’re getting at scip?)

Not exactly the idea is almost the same as what we have on the private server
First you request to be added
Then you get pmed a randomly generated password by me or another admin who can add players
After getting your name added and your password received you can login, play and change your given password to one of your choice.
That’s essentially the basic idea the /register command won’t work so what I’ll be doing is adding you manually.

Having it offline will cause too many problems.

Would you want to wait 3 days to play on the server? Two? Even a whole day? I wouldn’t. People should be able to hop on and play, no passwords, no registering, no bloat. Just play. Yes, some users are left out. That’s rough; but, guess what, majority of people have accounts regardless. The headache of having to manage passwords for everyone, for when they forget theirs or whatnot, is just too much.

So, I think having it online is the best option. Plus it is much more secure in the long run. Otherwise it will just become AoS style, with repeated hacking by the same people.

Voting closed server will be online