Project Reality

Project Reality is a FREE, standalone mod game that plays like Battlefield/Arma.

It relies heavily on teamwork and communication thru mumble plugin which is included in download.
Teams are separated into 2 teams with up to 8 squads, 8 players per squad that communicate with each other on their objectives.
I am not familiar personally with the game mode, but after coming across this, I found it very interesting and am willing to try it out.

Here is the download page

you would want to download the PR:BF2 v1.3.5 Full ISO Download version.
It is about 7 Gb in size.
If you can find out how, try to update to the v1.3.9 version.

Also, Bluedrake42 is a popular youtube uploader who has made countless videos of content and informative related videos.
Here is his channel :

If anyone wants to download and play this game with others in the aloha community, feel free to post your interest and ingame name so others can friend you.


We could make an aloha dedicated server for it. if not, at least make some skype group for it. Even tho there is an ingame chat, i don’t like the idea of a push to talk mechanism

Sounds like fun.

I saw a gameplay of this game from Bluedrake42 and I gotta say this game is closest so far to how war operations actually look / looked like in reality.
It’s really tactical and you’re not supposed to run and shoot… it’s more about taking cover and tactically approaching the defense points of the enemy. Or defending the points of interest… And also it’s advised to listening to your commander, since using the voicechat is recommended to play this game.

Pretty cool game and I am going to get it for sure.

Exactly Dareville.

If you watch gameplay from experienced users, you see that using the mumble chat included in the download is essential to game play. Its not like you can go and be a rogue squad with your own agenda. The squad leader communicates with the commander and other squad leaders and then with the squad separately.

Its not out of the question to have some kind of aloha community banner of some sort or clan, but in game there will be other players you are still responsible for.

I just ran over a lot of asian bots comunist! and then my hummvee exploded and my squadmate and I died.
10/10 if will drive again

Rise, and rise again

Excellent game, here is my guide for the noobs. This game should get front paged and a better explanation with lots of pictures.

Yay! Pictures!

for anybody interested