Project Battleship

I’ve wanted to make a new airship for a while and I’ve wanted an Alytra accessible home home since 1.9 so this is the result. Im working on a functional battleship. The main weapons systems will be dispensers with fire charges for ammunition. If they ever make it so snowballs cause any form of knockback to Alytra users I’ll add a bunch of snow cannons as a secondary form of flack cannons. The main defensive weapon is a TNT flack system stretching the entire ship. It’ll cost half a stack of TNT every few seconds. I want most every gun to be controlled both from a control room and manually. I would also like each system to have more than one firing setting. The entire top of the ship is made out of obsidian. I also want to make some kind of battlestar galactica resembling system for launching Alytra users out of the ship. Beyond the weapons system I want everything to be as redstone as possible for easy living in a luxurious death machine.

progress update:

progress update:

Fly hacking as usual I see.

Yes he used build hax :stuck_out_tongue:

Elytra are too op

I’ll pay 1 dia block for 2 stacks of blaze rods.

I’ll trade in diamond mending armor too.