Problems with the Soccer mode

You knew I was going to do this 8)

There is really only one big problem and that is that people keep exploring outside the field making it so there isn’t as many players. (blue won many times because reds kept exploring the rest of the map 8) )

And this is kind of a problem but not a huge one, people keep clustering all around the tent and don’t play a defense.

But other than that a great mode! I love it because no one can hack :slight_smile:

Agreed with all of your points, except for the “no one can hack” one. People would probably find a way to hack it

maybe we should add boundary damage

Boundary damage would help, or maybe make it like arena, where water kills you, and add a 2 block wall with water surrounding it

Me likes that idea.

can the ball go out of bounds too?

I think so.

I actually don’t think it can, I was on another soccer server before, and if the ball hit one of the white lines to the outside, it bounced back in.

I think all the maps have been fixed now.

Killing is only enabled on Skullcourse, it’s disabled on every other map

I never see a ball. there is something i’m missing?

The tent is the ball (go figure).