Problematic Script

Greetings, fellow members of the Aloha Player Killers community. Within the contents of this document, I will be addressing my (and other players’) concerns with regards to the latest script that has been implemented into the Aloha servers. The script I am referring to instantly kicks all players without names; this includes players whose names are emotes. I fail to see what may have prompted such a script, as having no name doesn’t pose any restrictions for other players; each player is assigned a number for a reason. I have spoken to many players in the community, and I have heard many distressed opinions, such as “wow thats pretty gay” and “omg i hate this new script”. I am bringing this issue to light, as a number of players are highly dissatisfied with it and hopefully some changes can be made. If revoking the script entirely is not an option, I propose at least classifying emotes as names. Please feel free to share any thoughts.

Thank you for this post, I was extremely inconvenienced when I learned about this script. I now have to change my name to something much less exciting. :frowning:

Great post! Being a no-name player myself, I am very unhappy with this script.

This is really an unnecessary script since you can still kick no name players with the number by their name on the scoreboard, and it’s also really gay.

I have been very busy and was not around when this “script” was introduced but the reason for it, AFAIK, is it makes our lives easier tracking down hackers who either have no-names or names that can be hard to trace in our logs. No-name and names with special symbols don’t translate well into the logs that the game server makes iirc so its hard to track down their ip addresses.

Reasonable explanation, but I would like to note that special symbols do still show up in the logs, albeit mildly ambiguously. Perhaps it is possible to have it only kick players without any characters in their name?

Though admittedly quite funny, you should not be making multiple accounts arbitrarily.
As for the script, most admins use IP to ban and track players, so it’s no major inconvenience to allow players to use a symbol as a name.
I would except blank names or names emulating ID numbers.

I would have to look through my logs but iirc symbols make it much harder to find certain stuff in the logs. They may look fine in-game but different languages/systems may not display them correctly.

Not every player knows that you can votekick by player number. As a result I see quite a few cheaters using a blank or difficult to write name in order to delay votekicks. Un-type-able names also makes it hard to say/chat something directed at these players.
I therefore think that the inconvenience to the few non-cheating players that do want to have an obnoxious name should not go before the convenience of everyybody else.

On a side-note: I propose that if the name contains the string “pro”, then this player should be autobanned. 99% of all players using “pro” in their IGN are cheats :slight_smile:

Script is apparently removed? :confused:

Probably being modified in order to implement my great “pro”-blocking idea.

I believe the main reason was for responding to player-submitted abuse reports. Admins know how to ban by number, sure, but when all you’re given is “no name, on sometime yesterday” it takes a bit more work to hunt down whoever’s involved.