Prison Architect

Yet ANOTHER great game no one has talked about! Prison Architect!

PA is a 2D top-down Prison Management Sim which by now, I’m sure you all know about. The goal is to build a prison. As it is still in Early Access, there is no Campaign, no story (other than the introduction), but there are lot of mods thanks to the steam workshop which should give you all you need.

Here’s my first attempt at building a Mid-Security Prison:

If this thread gets enough interest I might even post updates on things that happen. If you have the game, maybe you should too! Currently, my first attempt holds 20 Prisoners and I’ll keep it running to see what these guys will get up to so I can be prepared when I attempt to build a larger one:

This game is very hard to describe; It’s creative, horrific, and fun at the same time! If you haven’t played it, go get it! If you buy the game from Steam you can also buy the ability to create your own prisoner bio! How cool’s that! Mine’s already been approved and will be included in the next update. I do highly recommend you buy the game rather than torrent it, as torrents will become outdated VERY quickly and you’ll have an overall very buggy experience.

Why are you still reading this? Either get it now or post some pictures!

Your middle hallway is going to be very packed.

Like I said, this is only holding 20 Prisoners so that shouldn’t be a problem, but thanks for the tip, I’ll try to find a better way of doing it for later ones.

And yet more privately-owned commercialization of the prison system.