Pranked by Sukottogosen

hahahaha, nice!

Thats a really nice prank! But DON’T KILL THE HORSES, those white wild horses.
Also your voice is sexy. I feel jealous

Dammit, he did it first!

There still is the prank where you fill the house with minecarts and boats…

What a great idea!

Or planting presure plates everywhere


haha nice :slight_smile:


CapRex with dat perfecto ratio

the revenvge was really creative, haha nice job


This is a good example of a prank and retaliation a few posts down.

Light hearted, creative and entertaining, with out causing unwanted distress to the participants.

Enjoy, again

This is a great example of a prank that is perfectly acceptable between two friends. These two players are in a skype call throughout the reveal, and the prank was not done to hurt Pun. Scott did it for fun. They both got great laughs from it.

Nice, an AZPM pipeline!