Possibly moving to 0.76?

Well I would like to know what the community feels on possibly moving to 0.76. If you haven’t tried it out, bellow is the link for the launcher. You can probably find it on the launcher but if you can’t, we have a babel server currently up for 0.76 here: aos://1379434439:7676

Download link: aos076install_rc10

I would feel that it would be best to see what the community thinks on the subject rather than just doing it without and feedback. I will state the disadvantages and advantages bellow of 0.76 that I have found since is was released.

Currently, it is a little difficult to find a full 0.76 server with a good team-based game mode such as babel. Very few times has aloha.pk tower of babel v0.76 been full. Along with talking with other regulars on 0.76, they all mention one problem. That problem is that IT IS NOT POPULAR. No one plays it because it was never released officially. It was just a release candidate(RC) but IMO it is better than the current version that we are playing. The one thing I like is that there are no hackers at the moment. There are also no public hacks released. Having played 0.76, I must say that it is superior over 0.76. One thing that players complain about it the rifle. It doesn’t make that much of a difference. We changed a few bullets and ROF for pinpoint accuracy so there is no spread on the rifle.

The official change log for the version:

launcher and auto-updater added -client-side map caching (skips redownloading stored maps) -rifle accuracy boosted back to old values -rifle clip size and ammo count reduced -SMG does greater body/limb damage (slightly less headshot damage) -SMG block damage reduced -buffs to shotgun fire and reload rate -shotgun can now loads 8 shells -minor bullet falloff damage at range -drop shadow for killfeed/chat text -smooth client-side interpolation on orientation and positional updates -optimizations to world update packet -player models not so neon anymore -current grid coordinate displayed above minimap -added 1st-person camera to spectator mode -fixed font rendering lag -fixed click & drag crash
[details= Weapon changes from 0.75 to 0.76 RC1] http://puu.sh/3sDJJ.png [/details] [details=Latest weapon changes] http://puu.sh/3sEHT.png [/details]

So what do you guys think of possibly moving to 0.76? Post your opinions below and vote with the poll!

Yes, all for going to .76. We should move in unison with Minit

We really need to add an aloha pinpoint server for 0.76

I hate 0.76>.<

Although it would be nice to have more servers for it as you said its not popular. I do think we should put a few more servers on 0.76 though just so 0.76 has more variety.

The only reason that .76 isn’t popular is because most all the servers are running .75. If we move to .76 forcing the player base to move with it I’m sure they’ll see how much the game is improved.

I will vote yes.

Plus it will spice up the combat a bit, having minor things changed.

we now have a few more 0.76 servers. in addition to the babel 0.76 server @ aos://1379434439:7676, we also have:

  • aloha.pk 24/7 hallway 0.76 @ aos://1396211655:32887
  • aloha.pk 24/7 pinpoint 0.76 @ aos://1396211655:31887
  • aloha.pk arena top 10 maps 0.76 @ aos://1396211655:43887

live 0.76 server list: Build and Shoot • Servers

i highly recommend using the BuildAndShoot.com launcher to automatically switch between 0.75 and 0.76 without having to manually uninstall/reinstall the AoS client every time you want to play the other version of the game: http://launcher.buildandshoot.com/download

Yes. There’s several things not to like, but the slightly increased difficulty of using hacks would be worth it. Also, it fixes one or two things.

The SMG block damage nerf will change babel.

I would like to move to 0.76 but still play 0.75. I have the Buildandshoot Launcher thing but when I download 0.75 nothing shows on the launcher. Im pretty sure its the same with .76

Never Mind. I got it
It is a cool update
Vote Yes

Getting more .76 servers is awesome. a 76 PP omg I’mma play the shit out of that. But as for moving every server to 76…er i don’t know surely if we do that the game version will eventually get hacked due to the popularity…idk I’m all for more 76 but not for 100% only 76.

I vote yes.

Most matches like BnS league or other events are 0.76. And I have the same problem as Colorpinpoint: its hard to find a full server.

But I think there might be a problem for “noobs”/players who play this game for fun.
The way how to install the BnSlauncher isnt easy (I just got it as I read the topic from .uvs at BnS-forums, cant find the link atm).
A lot players play AoS cause it is a simple game: you install it (takes about 5 minutes), you choose a name, you choose a server, have fun.
If there are different types of servers, we should definitly name them if its .75 or .76, in addition, we should make something like a big thread that calls “know-how” etc.
So players who dont know that much about computers (like le me) have a chance to understand how to use it.

I would like to play both of them. Except when I try put .76 on it it doesn’t work. I download it but don’t know how not to install it. If you guys help through video or description that would help a lot. Thanks

Definitely yes. I always wanted the AoS servers to upgrade to 0.76, simply because it’s a much better version than 0.75. The changes to the netcode, damage values and the graphical/performance improvements (Windows XP users like me get a slight FPS bump because of the font renderer) are more than enough to make me switch to 0.76.

EDIT: I’d also like to mention that the rifle’s ROF in 0.76 is the same as the 0.75 ROF. Ben changed it back to the 0.75 ROF during the RC7-RC8 if I remember correctly.

I would like 0.76 also but I can’t figure out how to mod the scopes on o.76
please help me if you know how
P.S I replaced the .png file but it still shows the default scope.

Yes, afaik were beating AoS 1.0 why not we get more people to play 0.76 that would incredibly boost our population especially 0.76.

Try this one, it helped me too.
But it would be better to deleate AoS and start from the beginning (save your scopes, mods somewhere different, so you can change the new data).

I did the same like you and it worked for me, so I cant help you there sorry:/

Added weapon changes.

Weapon changes from 0.75 to 0.76 RC1


Latest weapon changes


I have the launcher and I have both versions installed, yet when I try to join a 0.76 server my client crashes. So any ideas as to why it does this?

my fault, check ovl thread :slight_smile: