Possible to give !punish and !forgive power back to players?

Is it possible to give !punish and !forgive power back to players instead of automatic administration system punish teamkill/baserape automatically? This could be a solution to turning on friendly fire on our servers.

Sometime I know teammate kill me by accident, I accept his sorry and don’t want to punish him.

I found that some other server have this kind of auto admin, is it a good idea to implement that on our server?

last i checked the plugin allows commands to be only on or off, so if !forgive is on then !punish must be on too

i don’t like !punish because it can anger the person on the receiving end

and those who don’t know English wouldn’t know how to use the system

My point is allowing player being base raped to decide punish or not, what’s difference between automatically punish and player choice to punish? Current uncap protection punish base rape player automatically.

Besides, the notification is not effective by showing the warning in the chat, because the message in the chat is so small, therefore player always ignore the chat message, some other server I played uses Server Message to warn the player, I think this would be much better.

If you don’t know what kind of message, here is an example, the Big flashing Text Message in the middle of the screen.

the difference is when the server punishes a player he can’t blame anyone except himself. on the other hand if another player punishes him he might get revengeful. the other issue is those who don’t know English won’t know how to punish.

i just enabled !forgive. i’m not sure if/how it works with auto punish so let me know if there are problems.

am i the only one who thinks the flashing messages in the middle of the screen are very annoying?

The other server which have uncap protection is sending a warning to base rape player when he killed an enemy in enemy’s uncap, when the victim respawn, the victim would receive a Server Chat message(the big flashing message) to notify him to decide punish or forgive the base rape player, if the victim decided to punish, the server kill that player immediately.

On the other hand, the warning message only seen by the base rape player, in my point of view, warning message is suppose to be annoying, that’s the purpose of warning should be, then that player don’t have excuse he don’t know about the warning.

Why I would ask for this because BF2 have build-in this kind of Punish and Forgive system to handle team kill, this would be nice to implement into BFBC2.

ok, let’s try it

now auto punish is disabled and players must manually punish base rapers/campers and team killers by typing !punish

the messages are shown in the middle of the screen as well as in the chat

i’m still concerned for those who don’t understand English because they won’t know how to use the system

hi! how to add this punishment option to server???

you need micovery’s Insane Punisher PRoCon plugin: