Possible solution to the problem of cheaters

I apologize: my English is bad.

The current ban system by IP looks like a holey sieve - the admin shuts down one proxy, the cheater enters through the other. Last night was indicative - the same cheater came in time after time, and destroyed the game for everyone.

I suggest switching to a forced account system.
All players who come in, regardless of their choice, will be identified as observers. The chat will tell you about the need to log in. And only after entering the account they will be allowed to join the team. And it will also be offered to go to the site if they do not have a registered account.
Anyone who is not logged in for 30-60 seconds should kick.

Yes, I know that this is not something new and revolutionary. But in my opinion this should work.
I will answer a possible comment: “And what prevents the cheater from creating new accounts?”

  1. Most cheaters are lazy. Registering a new mail, then registering an account for this mail is far from the same as introducing a new proxy on the courage and continuing to “have fun”.
  2. The right policy is also important. At first, registration should be quick, so that most players can switch smoothly. Then, we introduce a delay - an hour, or a day, between the application and activation of the account.
  3. In order to prevent cheaters from accumulating a “stock of accounts”, all registered but absolutely inactive accounts must be banned. (With the possibility of appeal).

Cheaters can be divided into two categories. The first - “wall hackers”, play from their IP. For them, such a policy will serve as an educational tool.
The second ones are “aimbot + mass killers on spawn”, they can only be slowed down by inserting sticks into the wheels, making the process of re-entering the server more difficult.

I’m tired of cheaters. Cheaters literally finish off the community.
When I came to Spades in 17, there were two full babel servers, and the Polsky server was also quite full. Now in the evenings even one babel server is not always full.

New players also do not come in part due to cheaters. Because the new player, who came from an ordinary shooter, sees only sloppy graphics, some ridiculous dice. This player could try out creative freedom, a wealth of new experience that allows the changing world of the game. But he will not do it, because before he has time to try the world, he will be pushed away from the game by cheaters.

These are not empty words. Last year I invited a friend into the game. At that moment, there were just no moderators in the game, and there were cheaters. And my friend with the words “I’m not a masochist,” spat and left. And never came back.

  • Break that system is so easy just as making a new account, download a free VPN service and come back to play like it never happened.
  • Implement such system would be an absolute chilling effect for everyone ingame.

There are smarter ways to front face cheaters than implementing a hard ass security system tho

I see you are (again) inattentively reading. See again the part regarding the registration policy.

- Implement such system would be an absolute chilling effect for everyone ingame.
Surgery is also very frightening, but a person who refuses it will die of gangrene. And in our case, we want to cut off some of the "cheating" players from the community. It is impossible to do this without removing a small number of healthy players. The current system also sometimes leads to a ban and the loss of honest players. Not so long ago they banned me, and if it were not for my friend’s advice to go in and appeal the ban on aloha, I would leave the game.
There are smarter ways to front face cheaters than implementing a hard ass security system tho
"O wise guru, share this secret knowledge with us!" Even the creators of expensive games for which high-budget tournaments are held cannot get rid of cheaters. Sometimes even professional e-sportsmen are caught using cheating. If you have a solution - sell them, you will become a millionaire. )))

Oh, I came up with: to activate the account, you will either need to contact the administrator via video chat, or write a video of yourself saying: “I want to register on aloha.”
Naturally, this procedure must be introduced after the bulk of the players acquire accounts.

Maybe then it is better to register by number and series of passport

I advise you urgently to patent a method, while no one has done this yet.