Poll to get De_dust off of counter-strike

Waterstar would love me for doing this…

I’ve hated De-dust, not to be mistaken for De_dust2, since it was added to cs-arena because its awful. If you don’t know the map, it’s the map with two tunnels and fortifications on both sides of those tunnels to encourage camping and discourage rushing. One tunnel has two T intersections on both sides so unless you are good at 180s or have an extremely OP team you’re not going to get far. The other tunnel has ledges and good vantage points so the enemy sees your feet before you see them. A lot of people get frustrated with the camping but in what world is it logical to rush on this map? Just how bad is the camping on this map? I’ve won a 1vs10 on this map without breaking a sweat or moving from 1 spot, that’s how terrible this map is. This map quickly destroys the moral of players and kills the energy and adrenaline behind cs-arena. What good is rushing to your inevitable demise only to watch your team camp to the matches time limit? It should be removed from the server and thrown in the trash.

If you have another opinion feel free to give voice to it.

Remove 1337_assault first. IMO, de_dust is fine, the greens can go under the tunnel and advance from there, the blues have a few good positions as well. (They just don’t use them and advance idiotically, but that’s a problem for every team). Good camp spots don’t nullify a map either, I’ve singlehandedly taken down a lot of enemies on maps like cs_office with the help of camp spots, but they still are good maps.

Pls, it’s my second least favorite CS map. 1337 the worst.

Should just kill CS all together. Why limit ourselves to the same maps?

We could play the other server, with CS maps and others, and new maps people create.

Please get rid of it. And top 10 too for same reasons.

I agree because it limits arena community to CS maps and non of the other arena maps.

but people seem to love the CS maps tho.

I enjoyed cs a lot more when it was just the 3 quality maps cycling over and over. I like the idea of one arena server but I don’t like the idea of not seeing those three maps as much. For me cs is about getting through the bullshit just to play those 3 maps again.

Don’t kill CS. You will literally scare off the small remnant we have left. The problem with top maps and all maps is that there are a lot of “gutter” maps. The server — even in the old days — would be at 32 people and then suddenly plummet back down to 0 once we got to a long, boring map like the submarine map. Ask anyone that plays arena a lot, they know. The reason why CS stays full is because even the worst CS map is still leaps ahead of some of the worst “all maps” maps. I do love all maps, but it suffers the consequences of being indiscriminitive. Top maps is what needs babying on its map selection. But yes I vote for Dust to be removed from CS maps. There’s a reason why they made a second one.

Remove the 1337_assault first.
Everyone already said that, but whatever. :T
de_dust is fine.

As israellee said, i love the idea, that map is so annoying as well as assault. /Y for get de dust and assault off cs maps

Israelleelll, every map you find will have annoying camp spots… You have to learn to sneak in a different way, or find a better tactic, watch every corner, or whatever. If you want to become an anazing player, or have an op team you have to know every map not just dust2 or whatnot. Do not get rid of csmaps o-0. Or this map.

Once I get some time, I might get inferno and nuke done. I’m fine with dropping dust and 1337 in the meantime though, they’re not terribly good maps to begin with

Yeah techno I have over 800 intel captures on cs maps, I know how to play on arena. I don’t mind most of the maps and those that I don’t like I’ll just leave through. I’m trying to get rid of this map because it doesn’t fit the counter-strike theme. It’s literally a camp or die map. I wouldn’t hate it if there was a third route to take but when it boils down to 2 spots that half of every team camps, op or not, then its just a shit map. I know how to use the blind spots but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s just a fuckin terrible map. Almost every time I’m on the server activity drops half because of it, same or the assault maps. The adrenaline just isn’t there in a map that you die rushing in and then wait till the server clock times out while watching someones ass while they camp. Like every rushing corner on that map is designed so that you get shot in the back or naded in the face because you cannot get there before they do.

I do agree that 1337_assault needs to go, way too boring, not enough encounters to make it interesting, even then they’re very awkward.

If I knew how to make maps I would replicate a few of the Demolition Maps in CS:GO. They’re great fun; a good balance of close quarters and long range combat, as well as lots of different entries and points of cover.

Ffs, now I want to make them haha. But yeah, 1337_assault needs to go at the very least. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if de_dust went, but I believe it’s a perfectly good map.

I take it back. I like the assault map with the cut roof.

Small question, how are you gonna do the ladders on heaven/hell and vents?