If anyone is huge Pokémon fan, there’s an mmo out now that’s called Pokemmo.

Their site is www.pokemmo.eu , I have been addicted to it the last 3 days. It’s great you have to try it. It’s currently in alpha, but most things are working, not all the moves have animations yet, but everything else is up to par.

Just give it a try.

BTW it’s made from firered version.

+1 it’s really fun

I played this a few months back and I have to agree it’s a pretty fun game,not to mention it gives off a firered feel to the game and the graphics can be easily changed by doing a little bit of ROM hacking if you ever get bored of the firered look. I haven’t played this recently but it would sure be fun if there were others from aloha who you can play with.

Their most recent update allows use of the day care now along with a new hud during battle. also fishing animations.

Thanks TwIsTeD!! <3

I will start playing this soon, thanks for telling!:slight_smile:

no problem man. I played it and enjoyed it so much that I felt I had to share it.

When I am in a battle, I get like, 1 frame per second :c

really? I get like 60 fps.

I remember playing this,got all Roms set up it only launched FireRed,only trained my charmander to 18 lvl.

If it has Greninja and Mega Mewtwo X/Y, then SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


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Fox, you did just the same last november. :-\

Dammit, I learned my lesson.