PM me if you want to play the private server

If you’re a trusted member you can join the private server, just follow instructions here:

Else PM me and we can figure something out.

If you’re looking to join the AlohaCraft server, please click here.

“Trusted Only” >.>

So 99.5% of the other players of are excluded. Just curious but what is it like in the private server?

The server is pretty fun. It’s completely vanilla - though more players would be nice.

We have about 120 people whitelisted or so, but only 5-6 people are active at a time generally. My goal would be to get maybe 10-20 active players - meaning when you join the server there’s always 2 or so people playing at once - with peaks of around 10.

Yes, it’s trusted only - but this may change in the future.

If you’re interested in joining the server PM me.