Please change/remove the plane map in aloha lts

This is getting so annoying. The blues are just camping on the wings.

You either need to change the map so blues don’t have an unfair advantage, or remove the map altogether.

shoot them through the windows :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously though, a lot of people love this map. removing it would cause some serious upset. Serious_Sim would be sad too. i’ll link him here, maybe he has some balance ideas.

It doesn’t have to be removed, it just has to be changed. IT’S SO ANNOYING!

I love plane, but does the camping get annoying? Yes! so i just join blue and camp to! ;D

I have addressed this issue to izzy before. the blue has immediate access to half of the upstairs and access to the wings as soon as they spawn. The green has access to nothing. if you are green you can however run like hell and make a bee line to the wing door on left but usually end up with damage of some sort, or dead.

IMO blues are at a severe disadvantage, because they all think it’s a good idea to run to that lower part of the plane where I can just run down and kill 3-5 of you guys at a time.
The blues have no actual way of navigating this complicated twisting thing, and probably end up dead.
The Greens, however, have immediate access to the upstairs portion, which is easy to nade around corners and charge with SMG.