Players Dropping Heads - Yes/No?

Should we have players drop their heads when killed by another player?

Just answer in the poll! Comment if you want to change the suggestion, thanks!

I would like my head as decor… but this might encourage fighting. We should have an arena where you can collect heads!!! (Maybe @ New spawn) So yessh

I’ve been dreaming up arena ideas the past few months. Alytra fighting would be cool but not enough people can fly like me :slight_smile: maybe two towers with a bridge and we play capture the flag. You could shoot at Alytra fighters and take them down easier because of less armor or you could brave the bridge. we’d need 2 warp points at the base of each of the towers or at the top so the fight wouldn’t end in 2 minutes. I’d also have water so if you fell you could get back up. We can find ways to balance out the pvp. Its all so new.

Heads would be cool. Yes.

Do it.

dat would be an interesting idea
do it

Maybe if back to 1.7 or 1.8, but 1.9 pvp is frustrating lol

1.9 update makes armour useless
like this guy right here ^ can use a diamond sword on me while I have a shield, golden leggings + a golden sword I’d win.
yea it matters about how good u are but still 1.9 for the win ok
also yea if I get heads…
do expect them to be hung in my ravines caves houses walls doors paintings secret doors wall

I happen to like 1.9 ty.