Plain of dicks

Babel was empty so we decided to dick around. Credit goes to Scraphead, architect, communism, and myself.


Here is a good view of this masterpiece  8)

Blue's view (yes there is a new dick in town)
Black dick made by Art and myself

P.S.: Check the boat on the cum (made by architect)

I let you think about which wave architect is talking about.

Here is the last one hope you enjoy  ;D


Pink dick (on the center behind the cum waterfall and boat (both made by architect)) made by israelleelll, architect, communism, and Scraphead
Black dick (left on the image) made by Art and myself
Yellow dick (right on the image) made by Art and myself
Small dicks (the same guys that made the pink dick)

Lol that must have been hard to make. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But srsly it got so much better after I left lol.

I wish i was there, haha xD


I had to take a double-take. This caught me off guard. Lol no homo but those are some nice dicks.

penisland has to be babel now

I think there was a thread a while ago complaining about lack of interesting tower designs…
This should lay that complaint to rest…

any other good ideas for a tower design screme?


if there was det in the build server :o :o

We need to do better in 2016.

I agree, I tried to build some, few days ago, but some players insist to grief it.
Also, we could try to build horizontal ones on some of the new maps (dont remember the names, but like a Bridge too far)?

Maybe time to build a mountain of boobs?

Beautifully sculpted, and with a high cultural value of course.
Venus of Milo anyone?

As a dome with a nipple on top? it might be quite easy :smiley:

It would be so great! But giraffers :’(

Wow, this is going to be a great movie. I’m going to see it.

need more penises