Pixelmon server

Its a lot of fun. Basically pokemon in minecraft. I like it a lot! Maybe it needs a whitelisting too if we made one.

looks pretty cool imma try it on :slight_smile:

Oh yah. You’ll need forge.

gotcha ill keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Yea that would be an awesome idea of a private pixelmon server though many bugs…

i played with this mod and wow it’s awesome :o
im keeping this mod for a while :smiley:

Nah, I don’t like pokemon. It is just a poke xD

Just try it out xD Its actually fun

Good mod, very fun. I have never played any Pokemon video games, but I still enjoy playing it.
Since Pokemon games involve a lot of travelling to different biomes, I use this mod with the meta-worlds mod and zan’s mini-map.


Can you describe what your mesh has that causes this problem?

These posts are 3 and a half years old, i do not think you’ll be getting a reply any time soon my friend :stuck_out_tongue:

Or is he?