Piqueserver-bootstrap - Setup piqueserver on Windows in a few clicks

piqueserver-bootstrap v1.0.0

… is a script to install piqueserver on Windows effortlessly. It sets up Python, pip and the server itself with minimal user interaction.
Note: This does not forward the server port for you. You will have to do this manually in your router UI.


Windows 10 64-bit or newer. Other setups might work but are untested.

How to use

  1. Download the script below.
  2. Run.
  3. When you start the server, accept the Windows firewall popup if you get one.


bootstrap-1.0.0.bat (3.3 KB)

How it works

This is a simple Windows batch file. Here are all the install steps, in order:

Everything is installed in the _python folder it creates, instead of system-wide. This is done for two reasons: it doesn’t require administrative privileges, and it prevents a possibly broken existing system-wide install from messing with the setup.