Bring back Pinpoint map, it was the best and easily the most played out of all the maps!

it’s in the map rotation of the 1CTF server with a cap limit that’s 2.5 times higher than the other maps. the other maps are: “pinpoint2”, “island”, “colosseum”, “deucehills”, “theislands”

do we prefer 24/7 pinpoint?

We might.

I know that the server never has anyone in it when colosseum is on, at least.

i’ll remove colosseum for now

i’m leaning toward going back to 24/7 pinpoint as well

I am all up for a 24/7 pinpoint, when I feel like racking up kills I will definitely hang out in there.

it’s back to 24/7 pinpoint

That’s great! Pinpoint is defiantly the best map!

Is pinpoint2 the tGM version?