Pinpoint water glitch

In pinpoint, there is a small glitch where you can make yourself invisible by crouching in water.

Also, everyone is bouncing up and down like they are lagging or something.

The bobbing players is a pyspades glitch, we don’t know how it can be fixed yet.
As for the invisibility… that, I do not know.

Your probably referring to ‘nade invincibility’ that only happens when a grenade is thrown into the water
and your crouching. If that happens when someone is shooting at you catch it in a video and post it up on utube.

you’re not actually invincible to nades when in the water. if someone throws a cooked nade at you and it explodes before it lands in the water (slightly midair) you will still take damage and most likely die.

Somewhere along this thread, “invisible” became “invincible”

To date, I have not seen such a glitch in pinpoint…but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Eh, couldn’t capture the glitch.

I’ve seen what you mean.

People who were crouching in the water weren’t visible from the ground. It seems to be okay again now.

i think it had to do with some bugs in pyspades that were recently fixed

let’s see if it happens again