Pinpoint: Strong Blocks Feedback

I feel like I was being too mean/rude/whatever in my post above, likely because I was; so here is a slightly better worded post and a better explanation as to why strong blocks isn’t very good:

I don’t like change :frowning:


Perhaps we should have a vote page and re-decide our stance on strong blocks.

Updated with a poll…my fingers slipped, there should be a third option, “disable for enemies”.
Someone with abilities to change the poll, please rectify that for me…

Why are we not forum mod’s too, so you don’t have to rely on someone else? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I think it would be interesting to try it disabled for enemies. But I did vote for scrap all together. I no like change.

Implying things aren’t always broken on pinpoint by griefers.

I say you just make it so enemies can hurt the strong blocks as easily as the creator of the blocks. While it sucks when an SMG slaughters your base, it’s a part of AoS gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:

strong blocks have been removed for now, but we can still bring it back with normal damage for enemies…

Yeah, light water damage would really help out. It will stop most of the baseraping, because they go behind the enemies base and just scope out the players that just respawned.

I disagree. In my many months of playing on pinpoint, I can count the number of times that such an incident has occurred on the fingers one one hand.

Especially with how damage is set up for guns (49 damage, 33 damage, etc), it’s very likely for a person to go down to 1 or 2 HP. Adding water damage takes this away.

Light water damage wouldn’t change much, it would just take away from the regular flow of Pinpoint; it’s nice to be able to get in the water sometimes.

Also: You have to be a really good shot to baserape; it’s also relatively simple for these “base rapers” to get killed from newly spawned individuals.
It’s as Reki said, there are so few incidents where such a thing happens.

Water damage is fine the way it is.

Pinpoint is fine with the way it is. (Except for griefing and aimbotters of course)