Pinpoint: Strong Blocks Feedback

there’s no water damage right now, it’s only 1 hp boundary damage. maybe boundary damage should be 100 hp and water damage between the boundary and the platform should be 1-5 hp?

as far as i know rifle damage won’t be affected by distance; only the smg and shotty will be.

I’m against water damage close to the shores, since that area’s often vital for a quick break across no-man’s lands and for crossing the point without having to touch the intel.
The “boundary damage” should be upped, but 100 seems too extreme…I say 5 or 10 HP is warning enough.

EDIT: And if damage did fall off with distance for the rifle, then it effectively lost the headshot, which automatically kills all of its good uses…

Hm, I could have sworn it was affected today for me when I was playing the test release.

It would tell you how much damage you did, and would tell you how much damage was dropped off.

Man. Strong blocks should have no effect for enemies. Honestly, I kept trying to shoot a block to get at an enemy and it took forever.

Really annoying.

IGN (on everygame I play) Jyromefedx or Jyrome fedx
I was trying to clear a big mess of griefed pixel “art” because the whole team was complaining about how long it took to get out of spawn and it literally took 45 minutes,I tried doing this while invisible it broke no faster.

Ok, my final opinion is in on Strong Blocks.

They’re crap. An improvement would be to make it so other team blocks wouldn’t be strong for you, but an even better one would be to scrap it all together.
It helps, a lot, with griefing. But it also makes it so random blocks places, which happens all the time, don’t naturally go away. This not only makes it harder to defend, but also impossible to sprint. Also, it may seem as if each base is really large and glorious…But in reality, they are impossible to play from. Offer no protection, and are just in the way.
OH, then when trying to clean it and make it better you get team killed. Also goes for when you’re cleaning the other crap that doesn’t need to be there, IE the hole filled pixel art and the house someone made 20 minutes ago that is now nothing by a unusable wall in spawn area. I generally just go invisible when cleaning this, but still.
The strong blocks is a good idea, and it’s cool. But it doesn’t work well with Pinpoint. Too much clutter. Pinpoint is fast pace. Really fast. All these buildings that don’t serve a purpose are ruining that, and the extra block clutter ruins the ability to sprint. Changing or cleaning anything at all leads to some idiot team killing you, and ruining ratio’s. Playing has become nearly impossible. No exaggeration at all, at least from my end.

That’s because you don’t know how to PARKOUR
Seriously, it’s not that bad.

I see lots more votekicks targeted towards teamkilling than towards griefing since strong blocks were implemented.

Big forts had always been crap, but as izzy said, it’s really up to the players. I’ve learned to deal with it…just circle around in the water.

In theory strong blocks are a good idea,in theory communism is a good idea…Connection?
But actually strong blocks are not great in fact they are being a nuisance.


After a while, you start realizing how much strong blocks take away from the natural gameplay of Ace of Spades.

While griefers suck, it does take away from sprinting… There’s way more team killing now… I even did something as lucrative as build a huge wall in front of the opposing team so we could take the intel as many times as we wanted :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, it was awesome, it just was horrible because green was dying when they were getting around my wall because there was nothing else they could do. If they broke through, they died or I did a single click to place a new block and stop them from killing me then just reinforce my wall with double blocks :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like I was being too mean/rude/whatever in my post above, likely because I was; so here is a slightly better worded post and a better explanation as to why strong blocks isn’t very good:

I don’t like change :frowning:


Perhaps we should have a vote page and re-decide our stance on strong blocks.

Updated with a poll…my fingers slipped, there should be a third option, “disable for enemies”.
Someone with abilities to change the poll, please rectify that for me…

Why are we not forum mod’s too, so you don’t have to rely on someone else? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I think it would be interesting to try it disabled for enemies. But I did vote for scrap all together. I no like change.

Implying things aren’t always broken on pinpoint by griefers.

I say you just make it so enemies can hurt the strong blocks as easily as the creator of the blocks. While it sucks when an SMG slaughters your base, it’s a part of AoS gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:

strong blocks have been removed for now, but we can still bring it back with normal damage for enemies…

Yeah, light water damage would really help out. It will stop most of the baseraping, because they go behind the enemies base and just scope out the players that just respawned.

I disagree. In my many months of playing on pinpoint, I can count the number of times that such an incident has occurred on the fingers one one hand.

Especially with how damage is set up for guns (49 damage, 33 damage, etc), it’s very likely for a person to go down to 1 or 2 HP. Adding water damage takes this away.

Light water damage wouldn’t change much, it would just take away from the regular flow of Pinpoint; it’s nice to be able to get in the water sometimes.

Also: You have to be a really good shot to baserape; it’s also relatively simple for these “base rapers” to get killed from newly spawned individuals.
It’s as Reki said, there are so few incidents where such a thing happens.

Water damage is fine the way it is.

Pinpoint is fine with the way it is. (Except for griefing and aimbotters of course)