Pinpoint Alteration/Suggestion

I was playing Pinpoint recently, and a player gave a interesting suggestion. (the players name was Matrayo)

The suggestion was pretty basic; on the map there would be two pre-built bases that would be indestructible. Each base being the exact same.

This is a very interesting idea, because it would change a lot of the way Pinpoint is, but still maintain the whole “pinpoint” aspect.

This could be made into a whole new game mode, one where perhaps building is disabled completely. And each base’s bottom layer is destructible, and the goal isn’t to capture the intel necessarily, but bring down the other persons base?

Of course, griefers would be a problem…

There could be more or less added to the suggestion, I’m in a hurry and I have a huge headache right now so I’m not going too in depth lol

Well, the Animus Clan have added bases to pinpoint on their server, check it out. However the bases arent indestructable

I’ll have to check that out, thanks!

This sounds a lot like the old Fr. Team dsb server. They had Pinpoint with 2 identical bases. I wish that server was still here