[PETITION] Player Hosted Servers for 1.0

I am running a petition on Jagex’s forums for player hosted servers. If you wish to sign the petition, please sign a petition form here.

After 500 signatures, I will send the petition to Jagex.
Link to petition form in case someone wants to have their friends sign:

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

It’s Jagex’s game. They bought it. They built it. It’s theirs and they’re clearly doing what they want with it. Accept it and move on.

Someone should ban Jagex.

I hope the following happens (but it never will): 1.0 will be so unpopular that Jagex loses a ton of money on it and Ben buys it back. On a side note, before it was announced that Jagex bought AoS out, the beta had 2.5 million downloads. 1.0 has 14,000 ;D

Well you have to take into consideration that regular AoS has had years to gather its download while Fagex otherwise known as Jagex :stuck_out_tongue: has had only a month and has 14k. Although it says 2.5 mil I believe only 1-2% still play it. Even though only 1-2% still play that’s the people who love it and play it everyday or every other day. They call this a cult following.

Jagex would have probably made 2.6 million downloads onn day 1 if they haden’t screwed everything up. They underestimate our inteligence and the word of mouth.