people keep on kicking me becase they think i have a speed hack and i don't

i just kill people with head shots and they kick me becase they think i have a speed hack when i don’t

You may be lagging, so when they see you move you are actually ahead of where they see you.

Votekicks are only temporary. I believe all votekicks last for 15 minutes (and if I am wrong, please correct me). Just don’t leave in the middle of a votekick that is initiated against you, or the time will just increase. But just because people think you speed hack does not mean that the Admins or Moderators believe that you speed hack. Who cares what other people say? They’re just mad that you’re more skilled than they are.

I agree with carnages last sentence… :wink:

better PC.

best joke ever Eric.
With AoS I find that even a small change in ping can screw you over in terms of imagelag, client lag, bullet detections, etc.
Get better internet service, if anything. Don’t use torrents or download or otherwise use your bandwidth when playing; those tend to clog up your game and give you wildly varying ping as a result.