People keep kicking me for aimbot even though i don't have a aimbot

Basicly The title says it, you may have seem me on the server once or multiple times, I am boss at this game, but people keep trying to kick me for hacks, even though I don’t have hacks, my name is GamingFTW, I have no bots but people just get mad because they keep dieing. Well could you sort this I have never had a aimbot and I don’t no where to search for 1

i sent you a private message

man people keep on vote kicking me for no reson >:(

yazzz :smiley: i don’t get kicked anymore, because so many people know me, so I don’t need a trusted password lol. I want one, but i don’t qualify for one lol

same with me lol,
in one arena match, i got 4? maybe 3, votekicks on me lol

Why did this topic get resurrected?

because CrazyPug is a crazy, pie-eating, t-bagging, gamer pug!

Good reason then.
Also an excuse for us to run up more posts.

Wow, hearing this from izzy is a surprise. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thus, CrazyPug’s signature is born.

(In the typing of this I almost said “Thus, CrazyPug’s signature is porn.” Now that would have gotten him banned by now XD)

And lo’, the topic necromancers have struck again.